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Best Orthopedic and Sports Hospital in Salem

Valli Orthopaedic and Sports Hospital, Salem provides comprehensive orthopaedic treatments with holistic care and evidence-based medicine for patients of all ages. We are one of the best orthopedic and sports hospital in Salem. Our experienced team of orthopedic experts, nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals work round-the-clock to provide patient-centric medical treatment. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and latest research, all facilities and treatments provided at Valli are in accordance with national and international protocols for best possible treatment.

Valli Orthopedic and Sports Hospital is the best ortho hospital in Salem specializing in sports medicine and injuries. We ensure that our treatments our accessible and affordable by all sections of the society

Why we are the best ortho hospital in Salem?

Unparalleled care that you can trust

At Valli Orthopaedic and Sports Hospital, the entire team of orthopaedic surgeons, physicians, pain management experts, physical therapists and allied professionals ensure a safe, patient-centric environment for compassionate care. Our valuable experience helps us provide you with quality care and world-class services to make recovery a smoother journey for you.

Specialities in our ortho hospital, Salem

Stand Strong. Stand Tall. Stand Proud.

Ranging from primary orthopaedic care to specialised sports injuries treatments,
the team of doctors at Valli Orthopaedic and Sports Hospital provides unmatched care for all orthopaedic problems.
Joint Care Clinic

Our joint care clinic focuses on providing comprehensive, evidence-based clinical services for people with acute and chronic joint pain.

Sports Medicine

Our dedicated sports medicine team provides significant support to sports teams or athletes and helps improve their athletic performance and recover from injuries.

Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our specialised foot and ankle clinic focuses on diagnosing and treating all diseases involving the foot and ankle, helping you get back on your feet.

Back Pain & Spinal Disorders

We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a wide range of back and spinal disorders.

Paediatric Orthopaedics & Deformity Clinic

Treatment of childhood orthopaedic issues with more care and attention.

Failed Surgery

Expert correction of failed surgeries by board-certified doctors.

Sports Injury

Our sports injury clinic offers cutting-edge, comprehensive treatments for sports-related injuries.


We offer modern treatments for different kinds of fractures. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available.

Our Services

Committed to Excellence. Committed to You.

With world-class facilities and modern cutting-edge technology, Valli Orthopaedic and Sports Hospitals aims
to serve all its patients with compassion, empathy and respect and make them ready for an enthusiastic comeback.

Sports Training

Training methods for athletes and exercisers for avoiding sports injuries.

Genetic Testing

We prepare personalised exercise and diet plans based on genetic testing.

Bone Cancer Treatment

Compasionate conservative and surgical approach to bone cancer.


Minimally invasive surgical procedures for age groups to treat all kinds of injuries.

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